April 1st 2022, the moment of celebrating my 12.5 years as an entrepreneur in the CRM & Cx business. Moments of reflection, looking back and looking forward of my personal-professional CRM & Cx consultant journey. The idea arose for a global Cx moment of reflection; storytelling with the personal-professional Cx journeys from fellow consultants around the globe. I am honored and proud to present the stories from 12 fellow Cx professionals around the globe! Read on!

The aim of the CX journey around the globe

The aim of this initiative is to inspire with this global Cx journey:

  • Considering starting or making the next steps with a Cx initiative within a business?
  • Considering starting a – independent or internal – Cx career?
  • Do you want to know more about Cx visions?

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About the authors

The authors are both independent CX consultants and internal CX consultants, in this white paper you will read the stories of:

  • Georges Essama. Africa, Cameroon
  • Praveen Nijhara. Asia-Far East, India
  • Imad Hazeen. Asia-Middle East, Palestine
  • Liz Berks. Asia-Middle East, Saudi Arabia
  • Faran Niaz. Asia-United Arab Emirates, Dubai
  • Renata Liuzzi. Asia-United Arab Emirates, Dubai
  • Ian Stokol. Australia, Melbourne
  • Edwin Best. Europe, The Netherlands
  • Ian Golding. Europe, United Kingdom
  • Michael G. Bartlett. North America, Springfield, Missouri

I’ve also included two special journeys:

  • Gabe Smits from Customer Experience Professional Association, CXPA | North America | Ohio
  • Neil Skehel from Customer experience Awards | Europe | United Kingdom


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More information

Reading all the stories, one thing is for sure: the passion and enthusiasm for the Cx profession. Reading between the lines, the most successful companies are Customer-centric companies – businesses that innovate and deliver services targeted to specific customer needs. In the past, in a lot of cases these were (large) B2C companies. Nowadays, the most successful companies include all kinds of business, including B2B and B2G. For example, the Gulf Customer Experience Awards; take a look at the high scores of the excellent entries from B2G / governmental companies in the Middle East!

If you want to know more, go talk with one of the authors! Feel free to contact them, the LinkedIn links are included per author in the white paper.

I wish you an incredible Cx journey!

Edwin Best

April 2022